Tuesday, August 23, 2005

in Gwen mood.........

"Gwen Day" today....have her track stuckinmyhead~!!!!

Super Kawa~i..Super cute in Japanese......

Work it, express it, live it, command your style
Create it, design it
Now let me see you work it
Create it, design it
Now let me see you work it

**go get the track!!!!!! dunt miss the fun....

**Playing Track : ~HaRaJukU Girl~Gwen Stefani

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

...miss the cooool in d pool....

**my favourite pass time in Jakarta....**

Friday, August 05, 2005

~French nite with Amelie

Jean-Pierre Jeunet's film

A world of color, movement, romance and whimsy in a film that became a sensation in France and charmed audiences around the world.
A delightful spirited waitress determined to help those around her find love and happiness, although her own romantic adventure proves to be a challenging one.

Fly again............

wake up early 7am...getting redy to catch the flight... He ask for a 5 minits huge again so he could keep my scent stay on our bed and our favourite pillows. he sez he will miss me alot and will feel lonely while home after work. I love to hear that...knowing tat I am his life. He canceled the busy morning schdule, filled in our breakfast at KLIA. *cheeky smile*

It not a easy flight this time...I've lost the passion of travel, I rather said~ miss him so much (well, i always do..but this time just felt different)We shared this for the pass few days. "its ok, baby..." he sez it in his usual warmthloving tone "we'll call each other evrynite..." But I hate waiting....it always make the daytme Longeeeer and 1000xfortheNite.

Could it be the older we are, more fear we feel of losing someone we loved, or separated from our loves one??my mum is a good example of all...she needs a physical closeness with the children rather then a companion wif my dad.
We're going for our 3rd year wed-anniversary, well, we celebrated our ~10 years companionship last month.

I thought I am strong to be independance, I sez yes physically..but not emotionally. Not this time...unexplainable this complatesophisticate feeling tat i bothering.

Thanks for the comform n support.....