Tuesday, September 28, 2004


The Star 28 Septembet 04

~ Aries ~

"Tonight's Full Moon in Aries sees rampaging Rams at your rambuntious brst - and worst. Plan somthing physical(ie. sport, dancing..whatsoever)so you can use up your excess energy in construtive ways..."

>>> now why's my gym bag????

Monday, September 27, 2004


Monday blue.....
what colour should I have..
light blue or grey...
match my very own favourite jeans..
something missing.....
my mind's still missing...
under the bed????
at the pool????

I know
haven got my breakfast yet....
found it...
in the cereal box!!!!!

>>happy working

Monday, September 20, 2004


Yupp....been lazy to write..really
Well, 1st am trying to fit-in my new working environment. everythings just so different.
the sofa.. white wooden gate.. a small pot fills with guppies..a cat has been visiting them quite often..the coffee..mugs...a bigger fridge..etc
It's kinda small place at the moment, but we gonna move to a bigger place soon. It's really "cool"..right up the hill of bangsar, with spectacular view, planty of parking spaces for free,etc..

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Most Beautiful Island...

5 of September 2004

>>An early sunday morning, we both packed light and drove to Dec's place around 5.30am.
Then met up the rest at the airport. Finally, 7 of us, (Nes nes, Axle"XO", Jernie, Declan, Pinky, Ah Bern @ me) headed to our vacation paradise - Pulau Redang
It was a good flight and reached Kuala Terengganu Airport about 9a.m. Then pickup by Pelangi Resort's Coach to jetty, Merang.
It's such a incredible beautiful Island...no doubt it was a long journey, but it worth more than anything!!! Blue sky....White sandy beaches...Yupp..time for bikinis..yeah!!!! but the sad thing was, there's no smart, gorgeous beach boy - right girls?? : (
>>After settling in, we explored the facilities around the resort, had lunch, then joined the afternoon snorkelling session to Pulau Lima, located right infront of our resort about 15mins boat trip. Axle are the most excited one to see those clownfishes hiding at the blue purplish anemones. In the evening, we snorkeled around Shark Bay for more. The beach was covered with broken coral debris, but nevertheless enough to make walking barefoot uncomfortable. The waves were quite rough, Ah bern & agnes spoted a lone shark pup rest under the reef. we couldn't spoted any shark pups, but school of damsels, wrasse, gobies and all kinds of parrotfishes. No sign of Turtle. Guess it's not the right time. It was a great evening served with BBQ dinner nearby the sea. The night began with some special performance Organized by Danny and friends.

>>.The 2nd day's trips were to two destinations - Marine Park Centre in the morning, and another snorkle area in the afternoon. Marine Park probably has the largest concentration of fishes in any single location. There, we encountered a barracuda, a huge (urgly) dull Grouper and a big aggresive triggerfish. we explored around the shipwreck. there's many crevices and hiding places are home to batfish and angelfish. Sometimes, a school of humphead parrotfish can be seen grazing nearby in the deeper waters near the wreck.The park was crowded.
After lunch, 3 of us(Axle, Bernard @ me) decided to skip the afternoon trips, and just snorkeled around the house reefs or get some sunbathe.
The 2nd destination was quite disappointed trip. The area was badly maintain and poluted

>>The last day, after early buffet breakfast, we tried our luck again. This time was a great reward as we encountered about 2 pairs of juvenile blacktip sharks around the Shark bay.
It was a adventurous to be surrounded by so many colourful fishes...well, the "Sergeant Major" Damselfishes are kinda attracted by sound. Rubbing your fingertips together sometimes brings them out in greater numbers and they always swim around you for food.

Stoplight parrotfishes are the most spectacular fishes on the reef. we can hear the parrotfish munching on coral with their heavy beaks and grinder teeth.
if u stay still for a while, the tiny bluish cleaner wrasses would give u a treat for "dead skin peeling" for free.... We managed to witness the amazing mating process of 2 beautiful squids..... and a big puffer and humphead parrotfish.
Afterlunch, we check-out and headed back to Merang. It was a heavyhearted journey to leave the island. It's gonna be an unforgetable one, coz all my best friends were there, to share the amazing moment together. Hope everyone enjoy the trip.

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