Thursday, June 17, 2004

"A book A year"

Yeepii : ) ...finally.. finish reading the 6th book of my life.(coz i dun like reading so much- but well, its a good hobby to pick-up for..once a while..)
Still remember
The <em>FIRST book...(have to read for my english class assignment...)
>>> THE SECRET GARDEN >>>>by Burnett.
Then, i choosed the classic story of "DR.JEKYLL & MR.HYDE" (interesting ending)as my 2nd book. (dun know y?!?!)
The perfect "KING SOLOMON'S MINES"it's my honor to br for my 3rd book after overheard the conversation abt d book btw 2 girls stand next to me, at Popular bookstore. (should hav told them stop reading those love stories by "Ching Kai loon" a taiwan author...just too dramatic n all abt handsome, rich boys wif poor but pretty girls, or vice verses...)
And the 4th one started just 2 years ago, kidding : o.....I used to ignor my bf who try to ask me to read some of his collection...doh.. till one day, while cleanin-up his room for our wedding , this book's title just happened to caught my eye. then, the book description, then the page 1,the story begin...page2..then 3 then 4..... there...i'm stucked in the middle of the messy, dusty room for 3 hours, reading the book non stop....come to think of it, not sure why i did it.....well....even then, it took me 9 months to finish it.>>(see, I told u so :P dun read that often....some's "THE STREET LAWYER"by John Grisham)
"THE SECRET DREAMWORLD OF A SHOPAHOLIC" by Sophie Kinsella. Thanks Agnes. A total disaster for brandname lover..U all shld read it n beware!!!!! of your way of spending $$$$$$......hav fun : >
and finally....My latest ...latest....record..the 6TH book of life time.......tadaaaaa...."COOL FOR CATS" by Jessica Adam..... An asistant cook to become a music journalist.....wanna try?????
Conclusion : I think I should make myself read more......that's a deal.......wif myself for greatet tomorrow n the future...I call this "A book A year" resolution....thank you : )

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Just got my 1st set of experimental pix developed. But it turns out totally horrifying...... I guess the film which been staying in the room for months is not advisable to use.... Very disappointed ....Well, will try again...
Hey Veng, thanks for your tips about the cam. I do hav lot of fun wif it.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

A busy weekend

It was a busy weekend for me, coz I hav to work.
Bernard spent the weekend with his parents n sis's family at the beach. He n his brother in law managed to get somthing for our marine tank back home.