Monday, April 25, 2005

Berry... puff....

Try my 1st ever "shisha".....not sure how to do..friends order strawberry flavour with special request of coke mixture.My 1st puff was weird, but taste of berry alright.// ok, my next strong this time. feel the steam just dry up my throut.!!!nope..don't like it at all...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

My first trip to Jakarta

It a great day...till my flight delay..
AK952...flying to Jakarta form KLIA....yupp!..that's the right GATE. Have a quick glance people around me...hhmmm...many Indon people travel back home..can tell by the colourful out fit they have..and huge bag loaded with familiar souvenirs,(saw the same bag at 1U..woww)
make a last phone call to my baby darling....b4 my credits finished>>I wonder>> what would happen if he really wanna hide my passport, where he really wanted to??? we could be arguing... or both happily spend a wonderful dinner on my birthday night....and worry about it later...
I miss him..yeah..I really do..
It's the most romantic thing that i ever heard .." I'll be really lonely..since we were togather, we never apart more that a week...I don't think I can live with it now too....."

work thru out the whole night on my birthday....I AM NOT GONNA LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN...
but it was really sweet..everyone sing me birthday tune over n over again all day long...Alex got me my favourite chocolate cake...yummeeee..JenJen ,Tia n the rest call me twice in a day just to sing me a birthday song too.....I'am really happy and warmth and miss them all.

PARTY WAS>>>>REALLY GREAT lotZZZ of FUNzzzz!!!!!!!
wish Boon and Zarina was here too...thanks to Gilian.. so much affort put into the party decoration ... and the pool looks really really wonderful...surrounded with little white candles
The board room turned into a chill n cozy conner with lots of pillows...a great spot for soberness