Sunday, February 20, 2005

what's your theory of love

When was the last time I feel love??? 5 minutes ago...where we both have to get back to work on a lovely sunday...When was the last time you feel love??? An hour ago, a friend ring me up and we have a chat on most famous female subjects in town ...communication problem with the boyfriend. Well, sometime I do...honestly but when we both try hard to break the wall and talk for hours and hours.
I learned love is consists of communication, trust, commitment, intimacy and passion. Well, it's easy to talk about it but to do or to pratice all these would need a true heart.
some people are passionly in love but no commitment this commitment means serious maintain a relationship...but most people related that to a further meaning of marriage. or some love are mainly intimacy and passion.
some are just communication...thats what I called non-love!!!! No!! I am not a love pcychologst....but I know what I want my relationship to I choose consummate Love... check this out....


1. Communication: Consistent verbal interaction
2. Commitment: Cognitive decision to maintain a relationship
3. Trust: Non-fear; belief that the other will not cause physical or emotional harm
4. Passion: Physical and emotional desire
5. Intimacy: Consistent non-verbal interaction


1. Non-love: consists of only communication.
2. Liking: consists of communication and intimacy.
3. Infatuated Love: consists of intimacy and passion.
4. Empty Love: consists of commitment and trust.
5. Romantic Love: consists of communication, intimacy and passion.
6. Companionate Love: consists of commitment, communication, intimacy and trust.
7. Fatuous Love: consists of commitment, communication and passion.
8. Consummate Love: consists of commitment, communication, intimacy, passion and trust.

Which one are you????